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Labor and Workers

View Resource "Harvey Girls" on the Santa Fe Railway (editor's title)
Harvey Girls

Portrait of three "Harvey Girls" at a restaurant along the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway. Fred Harvey established a series of restaurants along the Santa Fe's lines. The Fred Harvey Company would recruit women via newspaper ads from towns and cities across the United States. The women had to be of good moral character, have at least an eighth grade education, display good manners and be...

View Resource "Hobo Jim" Taking a Break
Hobo Jim

Actor and lighting director "Hobo Jim" taking a break from filming in a boxcar on the Sierra Railroad in Jamestown, California, in May 1979. The Sierra Railroad was formed in 1897 and famous gained international fame as a filming location in over 300 movies and television programs, leading to its nickname, "The Movie Railroad." The hobo life was far more sobering in reality, as thousands of...

View Resource "Hump" Control Tower at a Railroad Yard (editor's title)
C&NW hump towerman

Towerman R. W. Mayberry (1901-54) of Elmhurst, Illinois, operates a set of retarders and switches in the hump tower at the Chicago & North Western Railway's Proviso Yard near Chicago in May 1943. The railroad uses the hump yard to sort freight cars, via gravity, by their destinations. At the top of the hump, workers uncouple the cars, which then roll down the hump toward the many tracks which...

View Resource 05: Railroad Construction Expands Westward (editor's title)
Dormitory car with minority groups

In 1887, the St. Paul, Minneapolis & Manitoba Railway constructed 642 miles of track between Minot, Dakota Territory, and Helena, Montana Territory--a notable feat. Construction began April 2 and ended November 19. The line was a predecessor of the Great Northern Railway, built without land grants or government aid. Socially, the image shows remarkable racial mingling on the railroad frontier. A...

View Resource 07: Labor and Strikes (editor's title)
Railroad Strike of 1877

Without workers, there would be no railroad. Managers and owners comprised a relatively small numbers of people and were well-organized from the start. Workers found organizing more difficult. The first railroad union appeared in 1863 in Detroit because of wage cuts; it became the long-lived Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers. The first national strike occurred in 1877 after a severe depression...

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