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View Resource Harlan, Kentucky, October 23, 1992
Tracks in Harlan, Kentucky

CSX track in Harlan, Kentucky, October 23, 1992. Harlan is an important junction on CSX's ex-Louisville & Nashville coal-hauling lines in eastern Kentucky and western Virginia. The photograph captures the close relationship between the railroad and its surroundings that is typical of the Appalachian region. A public street parallels the track at left, and businesses are packed in tightly on both...

View Resource Birmingham, Alabama, 1992
Tracks in Birmingham, Alabama

View looking west along Norfolk Southern tracks at 32nd Street in Birmingham, Alabama, 1992. A single CSX track crosses the NS mainlines, running adjacent to 32nd Street in the foreground. Buildings of downtown Birmingham are visible in the distant background at center, while a steel mill's blast furnace can be seen in the background at right. The silver buildings at left house electric equipment...

View Resource Burlington Northern Railroad yard in Havre, Montana, 1995 (editor's title)
Montana railroad yard

Burlington Northern Railroad yard in Havre, Montana, winter of 1995. A railroad town from its beginning, Havre was founded in 1891 following the arrival of the Great Northern Railroad, which reached Montana in 1887 and Seattle in 1893. Havre remains an important yard and is a principle locomotive shop on today's BNSF Railway.

View Resource Montana Grain Elevators, 1995
Montana town

Burlington Northern Railroad in Moore, Montana, winter 1995. Moore is located on a branchline originally built by the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad to serve the wheat growing communities in the central part of the state. Small elevators like the ones shown here, once so common to small towns in the prairies, have suffered as the railroad grain business has shifted to favor large...

View Resource Rio Grande Tracks in Aspen Valley, Colorado, 1984
D&RGW track in Colorado

Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad track along the Roaring Fork River near Aspen, Colorado, in 1984. The line was originally built as a narrow gauge route in 1886-1887 and widened to standard gauge in 1890, and it served silver mines and other industries in the Aspen Valley. Business diminished slowly throughout the latter half of the 20th century, and the track was removed in 2006, despite...

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